My Foul

My Foul

This sincerity is just for you


Today: When I’m just waiting on the shore. I’m always staring up at the dark sky, looking for a speck of light I can talk to about a shadow that has a lot to the imagination.
My heart is very restless. While Waiting for the right moment to show it I love you. The longtime love of dreams, the love I’ve been through for more than a decade, just to be able to look right in your beautiful two eyeballs.

Because I honestly do not want to feel this alone. Though just Enjoying your shadow from afar in my imagination, Gazing at your beautiful smile from a distance you can not feel, hug you dear as the air barriers get tied up tight without you wanting to ..

A moment ..
Just a moment ..
I just want to keep silent in your eyes
So that you always see the sincerity of my heart ..

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